よくある質問 -FAQ-


Q1 見学をしたいのですが?
A. ご見学は随時承っております。園のイベント等で外出する場合もございますので、各園に事前にお問い合わせの上、ご予約をお願いいたします。
Q1 Would you like to visit our schools?
A. We would be very excited to have a visit from you. To see the daily school events and what goes on at our schools, please set up a reservation for a visit in advance. From 10 o’clock you will be able to see our morning circle time and have a tour of the school. In all, it will take about an hour. Thank you and we look forward to your call.
Q2 一時保育をお願いしたいのですが?
A. 一時保育をご希望のお客様には事前にご予約をお願いしております。ご希望の園にお電話にてお問い合わせください。
Q2 I would like to talk about the temporary (spot) day care.
A. If you wish to have temporary childcare, please make a reservation in advance. Please contact the school of your choice and let them know how they can help you.
Q3 英語が全くできませんが大丈夫ですか?
A. 外国人担任が丁寧に指導を行っておりますのでご安心ください。また、各園に日本人のバイリンガルスタッフがおりますので、ご不安な点がございましたら何なりとご相談ください。
Q3 Is it alright if we don’t speak English, Japanese or English is not our first language?
A. The foreign teachers have been given careful guidance and are always ready to help in any way possible, so please do not worry. Also, since we also have bilingual Japanese staff in each school, please consult them if you are unsure about anything.
We have staff from many different countries who speak many different languages. We love to be as international as possible.
Q4 保育料金はおいくらですか?
A. 園によって多少異なっております。各園のページに料金表を掲載しておりますのでご参照ください。
Q4 How much are the childcare fees?
The fees differ slightly between our types of school. Please refer to the price lists on each schools respective web page.
Q5 開園時間は何時から何時までですか?
A. 朝7時から夜7時までです。朝8時以前と夜6時以降は追加料金が発生します。詳しくは各園の料金表をご覧ください。
Q5 What are the opening hours for the schools?
A. We open from 7 am to 7 pm. Before 8am and after 6pm, additional charges will occur. Please see each schools price list for more information.
Q6 昼食やおやつはどうなっていますか?
A. 園内で手作りした栄養満点の食事とおやつをご用意しております。
Q6 What do we do about lunch or snacks?
A. All delicious meals and snacks will be prepared at our schools and in the school kitchens.
Q7 バス送迎をお願いしたいのですが?
A. Preschool 以上のお子さまは1ヶ月8,640円にて承っております。
Q7 Are we able to request pick up by the school bus?
A. The school bus service will be available from Preschool and above, we charge 8,640 yen per month. Although we try our best, it is not always possible to provide a bus for all areas. Please contact the school in advance to request further information. For children under the age of 3, it is possible to reserve individual pick-up by car. We charge 1,620 yen one way.

Q8 兄弟割引はありますか?
A. ご兄弟で入園いただいた場合、下のお子さまの入園料が半額となります。また、下のお子さまの保育料は10%割引とさせていただきます。
Q8 Do you offer a sibling discount?
A. When a sibling also enters the school, the younger child’s enrolment fee will be halved. Furthermore, the younger child’s monthly tuition will receive a 10% reduction.
Q9 年度途中での入園や、リトルガーデン内での転園は可能ですか?
A. ご入園は随時承っております。
Q9 Is it possible to enroll at the schools during the school year?
A. It is possible to enroll at any time at no additional cost. Please contact the school, you wish to enroll in, in advance.